An Invitation to Grace

At age eleven, I fell in love with Jesus.  But at age twenty, I ran as fast and as hard as I could to get as far away from Him as possible…driven by shame and guilt.  Because a roomful of church elders  told me that a “label” I wore rendered me unwelcome in His presence and ineligible for His grace.  It was years before I stopped running. Thirteen years later, on a rainy Summer night in 2002, I found myself on the side of a dark, deserted highway — where I found His grace as He had always intended it to be.  A moment of grace,and everything — everything – was different.

Because grace changes everything.

Since then, the journey has been oddly complex in its simplicity.  It’s not about performance…it’s all about grace.  How to receive it, how to give it, and how to contend in this world armed with one simple, mysterious, life-giving thing — the grace of God who loves completely and does not relent in His pursuit of my (and your) heart.

Along the way, I have discovered some things about who He created me to be.  My number one passion and heart’s desire is for restored relationships.  Not just my own relationships, but yours too.  Your relationship with your spouse.  Your relationship with your family.  Your relationship with your friends.  Your relationship with your colleagues.  Your relationship with the world.  Your relationship with yourself.  And most of all, your relationship with God.

The key to it all?  Grace.   The grace that leads us to hope, healing, and restoration.  How do I know it’s real?  Because He has healed me from wounds that were so deep and wide that they seemed impossible to reach.   Because He has restored that which was lost (so very, very lost).  Because He has given me a hope that defies the logic of my past, present, and future circumstances.  All because of His grace.  Oh friends, I am still learning and stumbling along the way as I learn to truly live in grace.  But guess what?  There’s enough grace for that, too.

This grace thing?  It’s real.   Will you join me in the journey?

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