Melissa has a deep love for God and for people. Having partnered with her in ministry I've seen her heart for reaching and impacting people in a meaningful way. There is no half-way with Melissa. When she knows God has spoken, she is all-in. There is no doubt, when the opportunity presents itself, Melissa will serve faithfully, truthfully, and in a way that will grow the ministry and the lives of those involved. -Gregg Hampton, Lead Pastor, The House - A Local Church

"Melissa is an example of a Christian with a servant’s heart and a faith-based life.  I have had the pleasure of serving with her on several spiritual retreats, so I have seen her in action ministering to others.  Melissa has had an exceptionally large load of health challenges in the past 2 years, but those are not what define her – her trust in God defines her.  Melissa is focused on others and the witness she can be for God’s love in their lives.  She uses her story to give a testimony to God’s redemptive and healing love and grace, so that others may find hope.  I love her spirit and her example."  ~Margo Palmer, Hamilton Mill UMC

I truly cannot fathom all my precious friend, Melissa Driggers, has dealt with over the past few years but I know that in March of this year, as she was speaking to my women’s group at church, I saw a look of love, understanding, and the determination that Jesus walked with in her eyes. Her story along with HIS Word from Hosea, and the willingness to share so openly and lovingly, with us brought many laughs, many, many tears, but more so the ability to understand that even though we may face trails here on earth…we are overcomers. We are women of God and He loves us and romances us in all situations! The testimony that she has shared with me as a friend and then the testimony that she has shared as a speaker have made a profound difference in my own personal outlook about all that we are called to be in this life. She truly speaks from the heart of a Godly woman and the heart that seeks the Lord in all she does. It is an honor, joy, and privilege to know, love, and serve right along side Melissa in many ways. I know the day that we all get to Heaven (what a glorious day that will be!!) Melissa will hear from the Father the impact she has had on many, many others with her triumphs! I also know that I will be dancing right along side of her in Heavenly, beautiful flowers. ~ April Bowman, Gaithers United Methodist Church

"My pastor referred me to Melissa for guidance during a very difficult time in my marriage. The Lord used her powerfully to provide encouragement and counseling to me during one of the hardest times of my life. Through her counsel, I found hope and connected to God’s presence and direction during that time, and now years later, my family is still whole and happy. I thank God for giving me the strength to persevere and I am so thankful for His healing over my marriage!"   ~ K.W.

I was going through some normal “life stuff”, and my pastor suggested that I meet with Melissa for guidance.  I was pretty guarded and skeptical about talking to someone I barely knew.  Little did I know that God had such a great blessing waiting for me if I would only let Him do a work in me.  Melissa was very attentive, listened to everything I had to say, and never once showed any signs of judgment. She never once made me feel as if my problems were somehow small or that they weren’t as difficult as others. I felt like I was talking to my closest friend as I shared my heart with her. When I finished everything that I had on my heart she had tears in her eyes. To see someone who could feel the pain and know how hard the journey has been spoke wonders to me. This was not just a meeting where you tell a counselor your problems, she gives you a little speech, and you go on your way. Melissa genuinely cares about those she encourages and you can see Jesus in her words, actions, and her everyday life. She gave me great wisdom and advice that to this day that I have never let go. I am a better person today because of God using Melissa to speak the words that I needed to hear and present them in a light that I had never seen before. ~V.S.

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