I Can Help.


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When I was a little girl, I remember dancing in the living room with my Mom, on our rust-colored shag carpet, in front of our shiny chrome entertainment center and “hi-fi” turntable/8 track/AM-FM combo.

Yes, I’m officially old!

Our favorite song was called “I Can Help”, by Billy Swan. When it came on, if I was in another room playing with my Barbies or in my play kitchen, I would run…not walk, but run…all the way across the house to meet Mom in the living room, with the ruffled hem of my favorite little yellow daisy-covered nightgown flying behind me. She would have dropped whatever she was doing as well and would be faithfully standing there, waiting for me. This was our song!  Dancing with her to this song is one of my most precious memories with Mom.

The lyrics of this old classic go something like this…

”If you’ve got a problem, I don’t care what it is.
If you need a hand, I can assure you this,
I can help, I’ve got two strong arms, I can help.
It would sure do me good to do you good,
Let me help…”

There was a part in the song that slowed down a little, and we would move from our freestyle “boogie” pace to a slower one, and I would stand on Mom’s feet. I was good at the freestyle portion of our dance, but when it came to coordinated movements, I was too little to understand or to make any sort of synchronized slow dance steps with her (and sadly, my dance skills have never really improved). So she would gently guide me to stand on her feet and would hold my hands to guide me through the moves. I was able to keep my balance and sway and step along with her to the sweetest part of the song. It was beautiful, and she held me while I wobbled, her experienced and grownup hands and feet guiding my tiny, inexperienced ones.

And then there was my sister, Lorri.  She would hold my hand as she taught me to write in cursive…at age five. Yep, age five! (She also taught me to read by the time I was four!) I skipped a grade in school because of Lorri…none of us are surprised that she grew into the most amazing teacher ever. She would forego time after school playing with her friends to teach me how to read and write. Even at her very young age, she would sit behind me, holding my tiny little hands and guiding me to shape the letters correctly. Just as Mom’s feet had steadied me when we danced, Lorri’s hands around mine kept them steady and allowed me to create words in script.

God blessed me with wonderful parents and sisters to guide my hands and feet as they taught me so many things. Because of their steadiness, my hands and feet remained limber and could carry out the task at hand. Their strength, sureness, and firmness allowed me freedom of movement to dance and to create.

And there is yet another One who places His hands over ours and holds them strongly, tenderly and steadily:

Genesis 49:24-25: His bow remained steady, his strong arms stayed limber, because of the hand of the Mighty One of Jacob, because of the Shepherd, the Rock of Israel, because of your father’s God, who helps you, because of the Almighty who blesses you…”

What a beautiful picture of the omnipotent, sovereign, Almighty God of Jacob, and Rock of Israel. The One who tenderly, sweetly, firmly and gently places His hands over ours, as we rest in his strength so that we too can freely learn, dance, create, and sometimes fight the enemy’s archers shooting at us.

God, may I never lose my identity as your child, with my Abba Daddy’s strong hands and feet guiding mine, as I dance…

If you’ve got a problem, I don’t care what it is.
If you need a hand, I can assure you this,
I can help, I’ve got two strong arms, I can help.
It would sure do me good to do you good,
Let me help…”


(To hear Billy Swan’s “I Can Help”:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=tBBw1MEOMWI)

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